Marine Biology Live Cell BioImaging

The department « Mer et Santé » (UMR7150) is organizing a conference in partnership with Zeiss, the "Live Cell BioImaging conference II". The first edition of the meeting, held in Villefranche in 2010, was also dedicated to imaging marin samples. Lectures will be presented as well as the latest technological innovations. Workshops on different systems will be proposed, especially on the new light sheet fluorescence microscope and the latest SEM system. Beyond the meeting, we suggest starting a 'Marinimaging Network' in order to further facilitate continuing scientific exchanges and cooperation between our participants.



Detailed program is available here

This event will feature plenary lectures  and will include sessions that address the following topics :

- Recent advances in fluorescence microscopy/macroscopy
- Data acquisition and analysis, automation
- Live imaging for dynamic and biomechanical studies
- Light sheet fluorescence microscopy
- Methods of gene transfer
- Laser microdissection
- Advances in electronic microscopy
- Correlative microscopy


1°) LightSheet 1 : sample preparation
2°) LightSheet 2 : data acquisition
3°) LightSheet 3 : data analysis
4°) 3D imaging in macroscopy
5°) Light and Electron microscopy : correlative approach
6°) ZEN blue and on line analysis and retrofit to the acquisition
7°) Microinjection and micromanipulation
8°) Spectral imaging in LSM
9°) Laser microdissection approach in marine biology

Please indicate in the registration form which workshops you are interested in and the biological samples that you will provide.


The meeting will take place at the Station Biologique ( in the beautiful village of Roscoff on the Breton coast of France. Information about how to get to Roscoff can be found at

A regular train/bus service is available between Morlaix SNCF and Roscoff. Le Pors Taxis (33 (0)2 98 67 00 00) are convenient to come from Brest International Airport  and must be booked in advance.



Registration is required. Deadline : June 7, 2013. Please be aware of the fact that participation is limited to 60 registred participants.

Participation is free, except the cost of accommodation (55 euros per night). Participants will be hosted at the Station Biologique de Roscoff.


Contact person

Bertrand Cosson
Maître de Conférences UPMC
UMR7150 - Equipe Traduction Cycle Cellulaire et Développement
Station Biologique de Roscoff
Pl. G. Teissier
CS 90074
29688 Roscoff Cedex
Tel : 02 98 29 23 68 
Fax : 02 98 29 23 24


Thanks to Sophie Le Panse, MerImage platform, and to hospitality services from SBR.

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